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What is Bitcoin & Crypto Currency


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For the simplest answer it's money.. Just an online based currency that yes can be turned into real life physical money but for this purpose we only need it like credit on a giftcard. Imagine our website as a big online store that's only accessible by giftcards and bitcoin is that giftcard credit. in this case you get a bitcoin wallet (Or have one made for you when using Coinbase for example) and bitcoin is the credit. Bitcoin can be purchased with your bank, debit card, credit card and even other payment methods like PayPal or even giftcards in some places. as weird as it sounds it takes your information like full name, address, and last 4 digits of any card or bank used out of the equation when deal with us. it helps keep you more anonymous and makes your personal security strong & untouched.

Here are a few videos that give you an in depth understanding of this thing we call Bitcoin and what Crypto currency is..


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