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Review After a couple of months


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Menu /10


Menu could look nicer, but to be completely honest I could care less about the aesthetics of it. It does bug a little bit when it comes to saving and stuff and shows ESP to have different colours after you click save, but aside from that it is simple and easy. Mobile menu is a pretty sweet feature.

Injector /10


Injects pretty quick, the only flaw I've had is sometimes it doesn't inject properly and I have to redo it, sometimes when I load a config it crashes... but that's most likely because there has been an update.

Aimbot /10


Aimbot isn't bad, to be honest I don't really use it that much so I feel it wouldn't be fair to comment much on it as I only use it for very minor aim corrections. My experience with it is it can be a little bit laggy, but I think part of that may also be to do with my own settings and the fact that it's an external (which I wouldn't change). Would also be better if you could set aim key to any key of your choice, not just what is limited to.

Visuals /10


What I use the most is visuals, I don't use anything extreme. As mentioned in menu, even though it works fine, when I hit save it says my ESP in the menu is different to what I've actually set it to. I've tried to make the visuals as smooth as possible using the tutorial/guide on youtube, it's still a bit choppy/stuttery/laggy for me and not super smooth, and it usually takes half a second to process when an enemy is visible. Bomb timer/Defuse would also be a great addition. Something I also like on other stuff I've used it blast radius, but definitely lower on my preferences of features I'd like to see compared to radar and timer/defuse.

Overall Rating /10


Overall, I mainly use ESP and radar related stuff, sometimes aimbot with aim key for corrections. For me, I wish the visuals were smoother and less stuttery. As a legit, I'd really love to have a radar, it's something I love to use, sometimes in conjunction with ESP if I need a little extra. Web Radar would be next level, but that's a lot to ask, so just normal radar would be a great addition!

Thanks for reading my review, I definitely think it's well worth the price tag and recommend it.

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