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Menu 7/10

Actually for one of the first cheats out there i would say it does his job, but overall there is not much stuff in it now. but we know the old menu so im hyped for all upcomming updates.

Injector 9/10

I just hat some issues with setting it up, but it was on my antivirus had allow every feature wich was my antivirus having and i was good.

Aimbot 8.5/10

For an externer Aimbot it is beatiful ngl i wish for the future lil more features to make it even undetectable like an nonsticky feature would be great, the triggerbot does his job on point, overall really good.


The Esp does what it should but aint got that much features, wich is forgiven after activating vsync it was on point!

Overall Rating 8.5/10

Overall asbolutly enjoyable, ngl i had an great time using it and looking forward for future updates. all features work as they should do and without bugs. note: this is my personal and total honest review and i can really recommend cartel to everyone out there.

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