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Cartel Review


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Menu 5/10

The menu isn't much, has the essentials but a new menu is said to be coming soon!

Injector 9/10

The injector is quite buggy at times but it works, takes a while to inject but nothing much!
Very quick and easy to setup though and if you have any issues like I did all you need to do is join the discord and search your issue, most of the problems have already been studied and have known solutions.

Aimbot 10/10

Although it seems a bit clunky as to my experience it's very good, it doesn't make your aim godly by simply turning it on but it definitely enhances your gameplay to the point it becomes very satisfying to play with, IMO the best aimbot out in current state CS2, the RCS is also incredible..!

Visuals 10/10

Just impeccable, for an external cheat they're extremely smooth, adjust to my refresh rate perfectly, never bug out and present incorrect information.
Could use skeleton and other features but it works extremely well!

Overall Rating 9/10

Honestly the only thing lacking is the menu, from my personal experience I believe for the price it's absolutely worth it.
The configuration is very straightforward, the community is very attentive and nice, the developers are focused and constantly updating the cheat with new QOL and it just works!

It could use more features but considering it's still in early development I believe it serves it's function perfectly as an external legit cheat, for anyone looking to enhance their gameplay it definitely is worth it!

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