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CS2 Cartel beta review by zuhu.


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Menu 5/10

the beta menu is really basic which i didnt expect much of and wouldnt really count it yes since i heard that is comming later and the coder is foccusing on the feature and bugs.
PS. and every change is super easy to do via the localhost.

Injector 9/10

super clean injector over all just login and 2 clicks wait and it inject not much to change appart maybe the font is a different style than the rest of the injector

Aimbot 8/10

(i havent used it much) but from what i tried and setup it feels really good if you work on setting it up ofc you can feel it pull like most externals if you fight the aimbot/rcs
trigger bot wasnt my fav after the update where the object bug was taken out of it cause missed more but dont know if this was fixed after.

Visuals 9.5/10

like the visuals cant complain about it with using v-sync its super smooth and like the esp font and location
would love to see a head dot or visable collor (this is just nitpicking)

Overall Rating 8.8/10

I overall like how the project is going and how its forming to the full cheat.
the esp is one of the smoothest of all the externals i've seen and tested.
love the quick updates it has even tho its a beta to fix the issue's that has been found.

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quick extra not i forgot on menu location
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