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CS2 External Review


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Menu 5/10

my experience with cartel menu: well the didnt save before and so thats bad, but now it saves, but the thing is i dont like that its on a webbrowser, but better than visual studio config lik on high-minded

Injector 8,5/10

my experience with cartel injector: almost perfect, but sometimes id have to reinject 

Aimbot 7/10

not alot of  experience, but its smooth and thats what you get from a good external

Visuals 7/10

i like box esp, but you could make skeletons and weapon esp

Overall Rating  9/10

injector is very good. menu kinda L because its on web browser. aimbot very smooth good, and needs a fov cirkel. and visuals box esp perfect sync, but they could make skeleton if possible. very good 100% true external


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