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CS2 Cartel Review


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Menu 10/10

The menu is nice and simple and clearly lays out the options with easy to see buttons for toggles and you can adjust your config in real time and even on your mobile device which is a sick feature. I have found this so helpful and it makes using this cheese so much more user friendly.

Injector 8/10

The injection process is once again nice and easy and user friendly and the nice sound bleeps let you know if the injection has worked or not. I have had a few times where the cheese doesn't inject first time but after a second attempt it does in fact inject.

Aimbot 10/10

The aimbot is super smooth and really nice to setup and if configured correctly it will get you the kills whilst also looking nice and smooth once you have matched up your mouse sensitivity.

Visuals 8/10

The visuals are very smooth for an external and once you match your FPS to your refresh rate the ESP is even more smooth. I would like to see two color options for visible and non visible as well as skeleton ESP. 

Overall Rating 9/10

One of the best externals I have used. Super easy and as a good cheese should be it is super user friendly. Great dev and support if things are not working. The dev team has being super quick at adding features and they are open for suggestions which is great for user experience.

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