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Menu 7/10

Love the web menu just menu is very basic atm and could become way better if a nice face lift to it making it have same theme as forums and loader would be call and probably boost it to a 10/10

Injector 8/10

Injector looks nice except i sometime have problems with it not opening sometimes so only a 8/10

Aimbot 8/10

Works Great just wish i could config each gun on its own (review made at beta were this feature isn't out yet)
Trigger bot works very well because the vis check is amazing just wish it didnt spam with dealge and ak and just tapped but amazing for awp and scout

Visuals 10/10

ESP is so smooth best external esp I've ever used or seen

Overall Rating 8/10

8/10 for beta is amazing as ive been using the beta i already seen cartel get better an better and after a few weeks of more stuff being added i believe this cheat can get to a 10/10

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